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Gas Regulator Set

Gas Regulator Set

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Product description

Screw-On type gas regulator and 1 m hose kit Screw-On inlet connection: M16*1.5 – suitable for 901, 904 and 907 gas cylinders. Ideal for use when camping, caravanning or having a BBQ EN16129 and EN16436 approved Outlet pressure: max 30 Mbar Inlet pressure: 0.3-7.5 bar Cylinder connection screw-in butane Outlet 8 mm nozzle suitable for 8 mm inner diameter hose Rating 1.0Kg / Hr Please read the included manual carefully before use and follow the instructions for installation, leak testing and use. Only use with suitable gas cylinders. Outdoor use only.

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Read Instructions Before Use Adult Use Only Outdoor Use Only

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