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Cross Country

Double Airbed Taupe

Double Airbed Taupe

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CROSS COUNTRY airbeds are made in high-quality standard to provide the ultimate comfort for a good night’s sleep and to last for many seasons. The main material is durable vinyl with flocked finish. This airbed comes in the standard single and double sizes with height of 22 cm (8.7 in) and dimpled design to ensures there is still plenty of room for air to circulate, providing the ultimate comfort throughout the night.
To inflate the airbed simply pop open the dual valve and attach a pump choosing a suitable size nozzle. It is recommended to inflate to approximately 80% full when using the airbed for the first time to let the airbed expand evenly and then adjust the firmness by adding more air. CROSS COUNTRY airbeds can be fully inflated (and deflated) within minutes. Keep airbeds away from fire and sharp objects.
CROSS COUNTRY airbeds are designed with extra support coil beam structure meaning that the airbed provides support and comfort evenly whether you are a back or side sleeper or are using the airbed for sitting.
CROSS COUNTRY airbeds are highly versatile and suitable for camping, caravanning, festivals, fishing, trekking adventures, as a spare bed for guests or for kids’ sleepovers. Comfortable flocked finish makes top sheet unnecessary but if you use one it will stay in place all night.

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