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Collapsible Bucket

Collapsible Bucket

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Introducing the ultimate SPACE-SAVING solution for all your camping, caravanning, and home needs - the collapsible bucket! This innovative bucket expands to a large 10-litre capacity when needed, but folds flat to just 5 cm height for easy storage in even the smallest of spaces. Say goodbye to bulky standard buckets taking up valuable room!

Crafted from durable silicone and plastic materials, this bucket is designed to easily collapse and expand as required. It features an ergonomic handle and a convenient hanging hole for effortless storage. With just a gentle press on the sides, you can collapse the bucket or push the bottom out to expand it. Weighing only 0.55 Kg, this bucket is lightweight and perfect for packing when on the go.

The versatility of this collapsible bucket knows no bounds! Whether you need to carry water, ice for drinks, clean up, organize toys, or do laundry while traveling, this bucket will be your go-to accessory. Don't miss out on the convenience and space-saving benefits of this must-have item!

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